Predicts You
Get personalised recommendations for careers, stories & connections
Changing the way you search for careers and talent
The internet contains an unimaginably vast amount of data of which only a small percentage is analysed and used. Squelo’s goal is to use this information with Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning techniques to simplify the process of finding jobs and hiring by automatically matching Talent with Companies based on Personality and Organisational Culture.
Redefining the Portfolio
Showcase work by uploading or embedding documents and multimedia content including YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and programming code. Organize projects as Workbooks to be shared under the Squelo Profile for the entire world to see.
Only the content you want
Our Personality Analysis constantly learns through a user’s social behaviour on the web and recommends curated stories & content based on his or her personality and interests. Squelo Home gives you a personalized social newswire of your interests.
Be connected and start conversations
Start conversations with your friends, colleagues and potential employers without restrictions.