Hahahome Modular Over Sink Dish Rack | Detachable, Extendable, Foldable, Easy Fitting (Black, 4-section)

Hahahome Modular Over Sink Dish Rack | Detachable, Extendable, Foldable, Easy Fitting (Black, 4-section)

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Extreme flexibility innovative modular design offers more application possibilities only does provide simple solutions other roll-up drying racks rebuilded purpose it's best kitchen aid maximum utilization space

Extreme versatility unfold over sink temporary drying rack main dish full any kitchenware would put dishwasher used fruit vegetable washing colander platform trivet under hot pots pans cooling baked goods defrosting frozen food what's more owing flexibility light weight backpack camping trip

Easily fold redesigned thick flat silicone bars increase stability non-slip performance simply rack storage

High quality materials food grade stainless steel anti-wear anti-corrosion this solid sturdy rack supports lbs fda approved bpa silicone heat resistant dishwasher safe

Standard extendable size -section unfolded folded-up diameter saving money tips need small extension just add version cart

Fit dry over sink modular dish rack unique solution hahahome offers new choice home improvement simple structure optimizes multi-purpose space-saving merits existing roll drying racks quickly divide this small sections extend with extra order make more applications easy unfold place countertop many kitchen tasks clean detergent whip cloth dishwasher safe fold tuck behind faucet under counter storage extreme versatility air-drying washed bowls dishes pots pans tableware cookware cutlery utensil gadgets holding fruits vegetables washing colander platform defrosting frozen food baked goods cooling hot trivet mat technical details fully unfolded size folded-up material stainlesssteel fda approved bpa silicone weight capacity lbs temperature between

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