Silicone Dish Drying Mat - Kitchen Sink Organizer - Waterproof Countertop Mat 17.6 x 15.6 inches (XL, BLACK)

Silicone Dish Drying Mat - Kitchen Sink Organizer - Waterproof Countertop Mat 17.6 x 15.6 inches (XL, BLACK)

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Premium high ridges allow drying mat drain maximum water inside waterproof bottom heat resistant sides make silicone kitchen perfect glassware drainer placemat

Handy top quality antibacterial silicone slip resistant fast dish drying pad keeps family safe dishes mat serves fridge cupboard liner freshly washed fruits vegetables

Easy wipe wash dish drying mats kitchen soapy water mat dishes dries easily dishwasher top rack friendly silicone remains sparkling clean sterilized

Friendly fda proven antitoxic silicon dish mat keeps nasty bacteria odors far dishes hot pans are hinder top protector silicone kitchen utensils

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With this mat will have pleasant time kitchen dish drying mat's soft texture non slip ridges provides perfect cushioned surface most fragile stemware glassware well other delicate items deep heat resistant thick trivet protect countertop hot plus silicone material much more hygienic than rubber microfiber since resists bacterial odor buildup slimy moldy mats keep throwing garbage even extra large size comfortably placed close sink any side choice great freshly washed fruits vegetables while solid backing keeps counter dry let pans mugs salad bowls rest dishes quickly safely it's truly functional accessory utensils elevated maximum air ventilation high sides help water off made premium fda approved gripping antibacterial anti-fungal odors dishwasher safe excellent pots due cookware faster includes bonus ring storage flexible structure pliable waterproof bottom dimension inner height outer solution every ideal replace towels hand washing cutlery makes housewarming gift friends click 'add cart' buy now