Wolf Gourmet WGCO110S Countertop Oven with Convection, Black

Wolf Gourmet WGCO110S Countertop Oven with Convection, Black

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Cooking modes bake roast broil warm proof toast three rack positions provide complete flexibility

Oven fits most stoneware dishes quarter sheet pans

Integrated temperature probe lets cook meat preferred internal quickly plugs place with hand

Advanced perimeter convection function powerful fan with high-volume airflow vents thoroughly circulates heated air even roasting baking hot spots

Heating elements advanced electronics provide uniform consistent heat throughout oven

Mouthwatering beef tenderloin juicy roast chicken perfectly golden brown chocolate chip cookies just about anything cook wolf oven this countertop with convection bakes broils roasts proofs toasts warms all fast energy-efficient way unique perimeter uniformly surrounds food circulating heat reducing cooking time twenty-five percent integrated temperature probe lets know roasted perfection


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