XXL 23" x 18" Deep Silicone Dish Drying Mat (LARGEST MAT) With Stay Clean Scrubby | Dish Washer Safe | Heat Resistant Trivet | (Pure White)

XXL 23" x 18" Deep Silicone Dish Drying Mat (LARGEST MAT) With Stay Clean Scrubby | Dish Washer Safe | Heat Resistant Trivet | (Pure White)

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Accommodate dish rack amp dishes only mat market hold extra pots pans etc truly large our patent pending design allows have enough room any with space left over it's simply largest nothing beats having all without create pile topple moment

Easy store small spaces ndash soft pliable material easily rolls folds storage perfect tight campers boats cottages where having dual purpose item will come handy

Money back guarantee are american owned operated small family business stand behind all our products satisfied neither simply contact we'll make right patent pending

Many uses ndash addition being high-quality durable dish-drying mat doubles heat-resistant trivet ordm table countertop perfect pet fridge liner cupboard you'll amazed lived without

Easy wash fast drying ndash other mats require using dishwasher get between narrow ridges with tortuga dish mat simply wipe small spills bonus scrubby cloth put choice don't need own clean thoughtfully designed stable solid this allows water evaporate quickly dishes cookware dry faster

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