50 Witty, Creative And Fiery Protest Signs For Your Own Amusement

Signage has always been a powerful tool in the fight for what’s right. So it’s no surprise that when people face injustice and inequality, they turn to one of their most effective weapons: words.

In the age of social media, activism has reached new heights. Protest signs have gone viral on Twitter and Facebook, and they’ve become so popular they even get replicated by protesters on the other side of the planet. Their viral potential is undeniable. If a sign can go viral, it has the power to ignite change across the world. But what’s caught our attention recently is the sheer number of funny protest signs popping up everywhere. From clever puns to downright silly wordplay, it seems people understand that humor is an effective way to get the spotlight on the cause itself and make a point.

Sure, 99% of the time, protests are serious affairs. People are making their voices heard, standing up for causes they believe in, and fighting to change the world. Still, there’s nothing wrong with injecting some humor into the mix. When done right, it can be downright hilarious and help spread the message you were trying to get across — and that’s exactly what these funny posters did. Keep scrolling to see them for yourself!

They’re clever, witty, and make you smile while reminding you that even though things might be bad right now, activism always has room for a good laugh. While some of these funny protest signs are snarky remarks for serious causes, others are for silly and trivial everyday life events and deserve some space on our list!

#1 Harsh, But True

Image credits: VWalkerEA

#2 Sign From Women's Rally - Separation Of Church And State

Image credits: bigmikesbeingnice

#3 Jesus Is Cool With It

Image credits: reddit.com

#4 San Diego LGBT Pride

Image credits: carijk

#5 Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice

Image credits: schwanky

#6 Now That's A Real Protester

Image credits: JasFly

#7 At A School Strike Protest For Climate Change

Image credits: zaynthelegend

#8 Sign From The KKK Protest In Dayton Ohio Today

Image credits: Dasphish

#9 Funny Protest Sign

Image credits: libraryoflorie

#10 This Sign Is From Minneapolis While In A Protest

Image credits: seha_damci

#11 I Came To Take Your Job But...

Image credits: imgur.com

#12 Now That's Bad

Image credits: imgur.com

#13 Viciousness

Image credits: ShannonDowney

#14 From Sunday's Gay Pride Parade In Chicago

Image credits: stardust7

#15 Favorite Sign In The Rally


#16 This Isn't Something You Should Be Ignoring

Image credits: dog_rates

#17 Doctor Protesting In Lebanon

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 Canadian Protester

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 Now That's An Amazing Idea

Image credits: birgit_maass

#20 Every Film That Speaks About Some Disaster Starts With The Government Ignoring The Warnings Of Scientists

 If Governments don't listen to facts, maybe they will pay attention to movies? ⁠

Image credits: re.cikliraj

#21 Spoke To My Ex After 10 Years. "Miss Or Mrs?" He Asked "Dr" I Said

Image credits: the_female_lead

#22 All Credit To The Witty People Who Wrote These Signs

Image credits: hawaiiansupermom

#23 You're Going To Pay Now

Image credits: cbcarpenter

#24 Hide Your Daughters

Image credits: Will_Ryan_Post

#25 100% Accurate

Image credits: NancyWonderful

#26 This Lady's Sign At The Vancouver Climate Change Rally

Image credits: sixthbest

#27 Fighting The Good Fight

Image credits: TatumStrangely01

#28 Clever Use Of An Old Song On Protest Sign

Image credits: PlanetoftheAtheists

#29 Tell Them

Image credits: versharma

#30 Dude Keeps Protesting Annoying Everyday Things With Funny Signs

Image credits: dudewithsign

#31 We Will Rave On Putin’s Grave

Image credits: vitrusia

#32 Sure That

Image credits: KenLoachSixteen

#33 My Favorite Protest Sign So Far

Image credits: Gedogfx

#34 When You're Not Sure Whether The Protest Is Going To Be Peaceful Or Violent

Image credits: Tanqueray-Rex

#35 Facts

Image credits: awlilnatty

#36 Protest

Image credits: Grahamiam42069

#37 Protest Sign In Australia

Image credits: ghthtgefehtkul

#38 That’s What Happens When You’re Born Woke

Image credits: jfuentes

#39 This Teacher's Protest Sign

Image credits: dickfromaccounting

#40 Not One Sign At This Rally Was Directed Against The Russian People

Image credits: avocado_lover69

#41 My Favorite Anti-Westboro Baptist Church Protest Sign

Image credits: daylatefriend88

#42 Great Sign

Image credits: WestEndDnzn

#43 Spotted At The Women's March In Philly

Image credits: Mmmmmml

#44 This Guy Is Winning The Protest Sign Competition

Image credits: passedmath123

#45 My Wife Drives By This Sign Everyday On The Way To Work, And She’s Said A Couple Of Times How Funny It Would Be If Someone Put Up A Picture Of The Rock

Image credits: gham1

#46 You Can Be Whatever You Want Darling

Image credits: tomandlorenzo

#47 1,2,3,4 We Aren't Clones Anymore!

Image credits: sashinka

#48 Putin The Bin

Image credits: jamiebellinger

#49 Stand Up For What You Believe In

Image credits: IEATASS69

#50 We Gave You Hummus Have Some Respect (Taken At A Protest In Brussels)

Image credits: dLayUnicorn

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