A Green (ish) Themed Grocery Haul-Aldi, Costco and Trader Joe’s

Here are some of my grocery finds from the last month. Green is kind of the theme!

Starting off with the Trader Joe's Green Goddess Seasoning Blend. I've been putting this stuff on everything.
I make my own veggie chili but the convenience of this can in my pantry was too good to pass up.
I spotted these cashew dips at Aldi.
And I'm still thinking about this hummus. I should have bought it!
Here's what I did get: Taco Shells, brown rice, Veggie Straws, Protein Granola, Coconut Oil, Ciabatta Rolls, Salsa and Cauliflower. 
And some more quick rice. It's always good to have on hand.
Onto Costco...
These Green Seedless Grapes at Costco looked so juicy and refreshing. They are!
We upgraded our knives, it was long overdue!
Spinach has been a go-to lately...it's so versatile. I can throw it in soups and salads but it also makes a great veggie side dish with dinner. The Taylor Farms Green Goddess Chopped Kit is new to me and so good. I love the vegan garlic crouton bits and crispy lentils.

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