Best Foods to Start Baby Led Weaning

Babies tend to prefer sweet tastes from birth, like the breastmilk or formula they are already used to.

So, start weaning with vegetables, especially the bitter ones, as it’s an excellent way to introduce new flavours while also helping your little one enjoy vegetables as they get older!

What are best first foods to start Baby Led Weaning?

Vegetables (pick 2 spears)

Try offering your little one some roasted butternut squash, sweet potato, carrot or steamed broccoli florets. Softly roast or steam the vegetables and serve 2 spears to your baby. I like to give one at a time and then offer the 2nd when your baby has finished one.

Protein (pick 1 portion)

When starting baby led weaning, it’s good to offer a portion of an iron-rich food, such as softly cooked meat/fish or tofu. A portion is roughly the size of your baby’s palm.

Pre-Loaded Spoon (1 spoonful to start)

Finally, offer a spoon loaded with Greek yoghurt or hummus to encourage self-feeding the messier foods. Preload the spoon with food that sticks really well to the spoon (you could try mashed avocado or soft goat cheese too!). Place the spoon in front of your baby and let them pick it up, or hand it to them. It helps to mimic what you want them to do with it 😀

Are you starting baby led weaning? I’d love to hear from you 👇 How are you finding it? Do you need help?

I’ve got your back!

All the love, Aileen 🥰

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