February Weekend Rewind

Hello and happy Monday! How are you this morning? Honestly I’m feeling a little rundown. I have a tickle in my throat and started popping my fav wellness pills with my coffee. I’ll be checking off all my go-to how to cure a sore throat remedies today in between teaching chemistry and math. I might let the kids sleep in a bit though, as we had a full weekend!

Friday I got my hair done. I’ve been going back and forth on chopping it, but decided to keep it long and just go for a trim (and some highlights and root cover because of the grays). I have the kind of hair that’s actually sometimes easier to handle when it’s long because the length weighs it down some. We have some travel coming up soon and the ability to throw it into a braid for activity sure makes things easier.

That evening we made homemade pizza. I also made one of my favorite easy apps- goat cheese, crushed pistachios, and honey, served with crackers. We had friends over to play Samba, a melding card game you can play with four or six people. It is one of those games that sounds so confusing at first, but it fairly simple once you get going. It’s a lot of fun!

Saturday was an activity day. We started at the soccer fields with back to back games and spent the afternoon in the gym with back to back basketball games. We came home for baked ziti and a cozy family movie night. We watched Enola Holmes, a movie about Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister unwinding a mystery that begins with her mother going missing. It was fun! I feel like it had a couple plot holes and a couple parts were a little confusing for the kids, but overall they really enjoyed the cinematography and the sleuthing. I’ve heard the second one is even better, so we look forward to watching that!

Sunday was cold and rainy. We went to church then to Publix to pick out a dessert to bring to a Super Bowl gathering. Our friend had made a bet between Kaitlyn and her friend during one of the soccer games and Kaitlyn won, so she got to pick the dessert. I was pointing out cookies and cupcakes, but with one glance at the chocolate ganache cake, her mind was made up!

We spent the afternoon trying on ski gear (Hailey officially is wearing my ski bibs now, which were my mom’s old ski bibs… we’ve gotten their money’s worth!). I made Greek layered hummus dip, and we headed over to a friend’s house later afternoon to snack, chat, and watch the game.

We headed home after halftime and watched the last few minutes before climbing into bed. I slept hard and now am off to take Finley on her morning sniffari before jumping into Monday. Do you have anything planned for Valentine’s Day tomorrow? I have a couple cutesy things to put out for the kids, then David is taking them out for a daddy daughter date night while I enjoy some solo time at home. Everyone is looking forward to it 😉

I hope your week starts off a happy note!

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