February Weekly Meal Plan #2

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This week got thrown off track a bit. I wasn’t feeling great on Monday and David got hit hard with some kind of virus on Tuesday, so we limped our way through the week, but fortunately by Friday we were all feeling back to full throttle. Fortunately the kids have remained unbothered, so we are hoping we all stay feeling good as we fly out to Wyoming this week!


Superbowl Sunday was spent with friends. Unpictured I had layered hummus dip and buffalo chicken dip, then my main plate was Papa Murphy’s veggie pizza, boneless buffalo wings, kale salad from Fresh Chef, and celery with ranch. Very Super Bowl-esque!


I made an “easy” lasagna which sounds counter-intuitive but when you use jarred sauce, no boil lasagna noodles, and a simple cheese blend, it actually comes together pretty easily. The kids came home from soccer and basketball and devoured it!


David was going to take the girls out for Valentine’s Day, but he felt like death, so it got cancelled. I made Applegate’s corndogs for the kids (Kaitlyn’s FAVORITE) with red bell pepper strips, and I had Daily Harvest soup, very good, and some other odds and ends, like rolled up deli turkey and olives.


I threw together a white chicken chili in the slow cooker when we got home from co-op around 2:00. Chicken breast, Great Northern beans, onion, broth, seasonings. I let it cook for 4-5 hours then shredded the chicken. I added cream cheese and blended the soup, then added back in the chicken with cilantro and lime. So comforting!


One of the simplest recipes on my site has to be these oven baked bean burritos. Mix, fill, and bake- so easy and so good! I used the burrito sized tortillas for the fam and tried the Siete brand tortillas for me. Though they didn’t fold up on the ends, they crisped up well and were delicious! I put them over lettuce with guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and jalapenos.


Kaitlyn had her red belt test in the evening, so it messed with the timing for a homemade pizza night. Since it was cool and rainy I decided it a set it and forget it meal would be best, so I made this chuck roast recipe. It was delicious (though I had to add more broth than the recipe called for, so keep that in mind if you try it). We ate it, then retired to the couch for movie and ice cream.


The plan for Saturday was chicken noodle soup, so before our soccer and basketball games, I put a whole chicken in the slow cooker to cook for 5 hours then switch to warm. Well, we ended up getting to go see my nephew play basketball in Charlotte and catch up with David’s brother for a bit so by the time we got home, we were hungry. I made mac ‘n cheese and a Daily Harvest bake- the red cabbage and buckwheat donburi, which I do not recommend. None of us enjoyed it. I pulled the meat off the chicken and we had a simple dinner, followed by ice cream.

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