LeAnn Mueller, Barbecue Groundbreaker, Dies at 51

LeAnn MuellerLeAnn Mueller, talented photographer and co-owner of the renowned Austin barbecue joint la Barbecue, died early Wednesday morning. She was 51.I spoke this morning with her wife, Alison Clem, who goes by Ali. She said—as cliche as it sounds—LeAnn was doing what she loved right to the end. The couple were preparing for an event planned for Tuesday evening. “We were cooking, and I was juicing some lemons for her hummus,” Ali said, playing the day back in her memory. LeAnn suffered a sudden medical emergency and was rushed to the hospital. “It happened in seconds,” Ali said, still in shock.Hailing from a famous barbecue family, LeAnn officially started working for her father, Bobby Mueller, at the hallowed Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor in the…

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