May Weekly Meal Plan #4

Good morning; how was your weekend? We had a really nice weekend. Mom came up on Thursday afternoon and hung out with the kids on Friday while David and I spent a day in Greenville, SC. Saturday morning, mom, the girls and I hung out in Davidson, eating breakfast, wandering the farmers market, and visiting the bookstore. It was lovely!

On Sunday the girls had their piano recital and it was such a joy to watch their progress. H’s song made me tear up; I love watching them play. Mom headed home afterwards and we went to a celebratory dinner, then came home for an evening walk because they weather has been stellar.

hailey piano
kaitlyn piano

Today kicks off what I’m now referring to as our last week of school. We are all so ready for it and are looking forward to the inherent freedom feeling that summer brings along with it. This week, though, we are still at it- end of year assessments and all!


Mondays are for Mexican food, at least that is the trend I seem to be sticking to. This bowl came together really easily with the help of Daily Harvest’s frozen grain and veggie blends. It’s a new product of theirs and it makes a a dinner side or a bowl base really easy to achieve! I marinated some steak strips in this chili lime marinade and sauteed some peppers and onions to go with it.


Tuesday was Kaitlyn’s birthday. She requested Applegate corndogs and oven fries; so that’s what the kids had while David and I finished up some leftovers and we all ate the most delicious Tres Leches cake. Highly recommend!


It’s grilling season! Drumsticks are so easy. I tossed them in a garlic pepper seasoning blend, then just grill them, turning every 5 minutes, until they are done (165 degrees, which takes about 30 minutes). Simple baked sweet potato and roasted green beans on the side.

chicken drumsticks


Maybe it was the fresh herbs I added on top (parsley, oregano, and mint), or maybe I was just hungry, but I feel like this was an extra delicious Greek dinner bowl. I made Greek meatballs and my favorite Greek salad and then served them on top of salad greens with tzatziki, hummus, and harissa.

Greek bowls


Mom took the girls to Mexican while David and I were on our day date. David and I had dinner at a great little BBQ spot, Monkey Wrench Smokehouse. We sat outside, live music was playing, and the food was delicious!


We kept Saturday simple. We used produce from True Freedom Farm to create a big, beautiful salad and ate it with homemade dressing (why don’t I make this more often?! It’s so good and so easy when I just add all the ingredients to a mason jar then use the immersion blender). I had fresh sourdough so we sliced that up to dip into a blend of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and herbs.


Sunday we went to church and the girls had their recital, so we kept things easy and went to dinner afterwards. We went to The Waterman, where we had each of us pick an oyster from their daily selection to try. So good, though K did not agree. I don’t think she understood the concept of how to correctly doctor it up. Personally, I’m team cracker, cocktail sauce, loads of horseradish, and a squeeze of lemon. For dinner, I had the gumbo.


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