Its beginning to hit that time of year, where you need to take a plate somewhere Christmas parties, team breakups, staff meetings, birthdays or just morning tea for the team. Try taking a platter just to mix it up a bit with some variety.

Add some healthy options to your platter.

Fruit platter add some yoghurt or choc dipped strawberries, delish!

Roasted, unsalted mixed nuts -did you know just a handful a day (30g) helps reduce risk of heart disease.

Whole meal crackers with cheese & tomato (an oldy but a goody) the fibre & protein work well to tame an appetite.

Vegetable crudits with hummus or beetroot dip loaded with an array of vitamins & minerals + an easy finger food option.

Roasted chickpeas tasty & packed with protein fibre & zinc.

Popcorn more fibre, just remember fresh is best with this one.

Edamame, these are baby soybeans still in the pod huge nutrition content easy to prep in the microwave & deliciously moreish!

There are so many options & styles.try something a bit different.

Lots of colours, flavours & textures.delish!
Photo by Regina Barker on Unsplash

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