Submarine Sandwich

Submarine Sandwich (3)

After recently learning about submarines, Travis has a whole new appreciation for why we call it a “submarine” sandwich now. We put together this fun lunch to play up the name.

To start, slice a long bread roll in half. Spread with your child’s filling of choice. We made one version with hummus and one with non-dairy cream cheese!

Submarine Sandwich (1)

Add other toppings (Travis chose lettuce and tomato) then top with the other half of the bun.

Submarine Sandwich (2)

We added a strip of red bell pepper as the “periscope” sticking out from the top, then used additional hummus or cream cheese as “glue” to stick on cucumber circles for “portholes”.

Submarine Sandwich (4)

Of course the lunch inspired some imaginative play; Travis loved pretending he was a giant squid attacking the boat as he ate, of course!

Submarine Sandwich (5)

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