Trader Joes Haul – Plus 7 Meal Ideas!

Do you have a Trader Joe’s near you? There’s one about 20 minutes away from me, and while not the most convenient, there’s nothing quite like Trader Joes. It’s somewhere I will travel to, somewhere that has cult following, justifiably so. Today we’re talking about my Trader Joes haul; what I get when I shop there, and I’ve included 7 meal ideas with Trader Joe’s products.

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We’ve tried other off-brand Everything But The Bagel seasonings, but it’s just not the same. My husband requests this one from Trader Joes above others!! You can add it to a piece of avocado toast, top an egg with it, top chicken or veggies (all you do is toss veggies in evoo and sprinkle a little seasoning on, and viola, a side dish).

Their snacks, omg. Heaven. The dark chocolate peanut butter cups or the peanut butter filled chocolate pretzel bites, perfection! Or their hummus and dips! We love the garlic dip and use it on the side with chicken and veggies and pita, kind of like a tzatziki – their tzatziki is great too!

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For mains, a staple is the cauliflower gnocchi from the freezer section served alongside one of their pre-marinated proteins or chicken sausage, topped with a marinara sauce. And don’t forget their Two Buck Chuck wine for the perfect accompaniment for any meal.

(if you’re looking for the story behind Two Buck Chuck, get this out)

Groceries on countertop in kitchen

Here’s a list of items I love by category:

  • Fruit & vegetables: apples, berries, dried fruit (we love the dried strawberries), frozen berries, arugula, baby spinach, salad mixes and pre-made salads, the Waldorf and elote salad mix, avocados, onions, potatoes, cauliflower gnocchi (frozen)
  • Protein: chicken sausage, pre-marinated chicken and beef, whole chicken, frozen shrimp
  • Dairy: Greek yogurt, milk, oat milk brown sugar coffee creamer, goat cheese, cheese sticks, shaved parmesan
  • Pantry staples and snacks: black beans, diced tomatoes, pasta sauce, pasta, candied pecans, salsa, tortilla chips, garlic dip, peanut butter cups, nut butters, Everything but the bagel seasoning, chili lime seasoning.

Groceries on countertop in kitchen

Trader Joe’s meal ideas:

  1. Meatballs, bbq sauce, mashed potatoes, frozen green beans or peas
  2. Chicken breasts, garlic cubes (frozen) mirepoix, cheese tortellini, marinara sauce
  3. Ciabatta rolls, provolone, garlic spread dip, prosciutto
  4. Mini wontons, Asian style vegetable stir fry vegetables, General Tsao’s stir fry sauce
  5. Tandoori naan, masala sauce, chickpeas, garlic sauce dip
  6. Breaded chicken tenders (or chicken nuggets), marinara sauce, mozzarella sauce, spaghetti
  7. Salmon, everything but the bagel seasoning, asparagus, jasmine rice, teriyaki sauce

What do you fill your cart with at Trader Joes?

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