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Good morning beautiful people, I hope you’re all doing well

Today, November 1st 2019, is international VEGAN day, so, I thought I’d share a day of vegan food.

Now I’m not here to suggest we all go vegan; I myself am not vegan. However, reducing our consumption of animal foods while upping our plant food intake is so important for both our own personal heath and that of the environment. So, in an attempt to create some awareness and hopefully make vegan food more accessible and appetising, I thought I’d share some of my fave foods that just happen to be super health, delicious and of course, vegan.


Having breakfast at home is quite rare for me since I’m often not super hungry first thing in the morning because I wake up really early and often take breakfast with me and eat it at work. However, on days when I’m really hungry or enjoying a slow morning at home, more often than not, I’ll be making some form of delicious cooked oats. Here’s my current fave – Turmeric Oats – the recipe is linked below

On days when I leave the house before I’ve had my breakfast, I often prepare overnight oats the day before. I published a post with five different overnight oats recipes which you can find here:


I’m going straight to lunch and will leave snack options at the bottom. I personally always have a snack or two with me, however I often have lunch quite early so I don’t often have a mid morning snack. This is simply a matter of preference and may change day to day. What I would suggest however is to have a simple snack with you – maybe just a small packet of nuts – in case you’re hungry and listen to your body.

For lunch, I often go for either a wrap or a salad, which are both super versatile, healthy and can be totally delicious. Here’s my fave wrap – it’s loaded with veggies, falafel and a dip (in this case it’s tzatziki which is not vegan however you could easily swap it for hummus or a bean dip or simply make tzaziki using a vegan yoghurt). The link to the falafel is here:

My fave salad includes loads of fresh veggies, some grilled veggies, some form of grain like a little quinoa or rice and a creamy dip or dressing – more often than not, it’s some variety of hummus for me.

I’m also going to link my hummus recipe here because it’s so easy to make , really tasty and very versatile – you can add beets, swap the chickpeas for beans, add an avocado or lentils and you’ve got a delicious dip. You can use it in wraps, over salads, as dips or on sandwiches. Here’s how to make it:


As important as it is to fuel our bodies throughout the day, like most people, my largest meal tends to be in the evening. While I’m a big fan of larger lunches and smaller dinners on days off or during the weekend, throughout the week, my lifestyle simply does not allow for it. My fave vegan dinners often include some form of lentil of bean chili or a nice rich soup.

Here’s the link to my all time fave butternut squash soup – so so yum!

One of my fave vegan chili recipes is linked here:


Finally, on to dessert and snacks. I’m going to share a few of my fave vegan snack / desert options here for your viewing / munching pleasure :)

My current snack obsession is super simple – I often have some as dessert too! Simply remove pit from medjool dates and fill with nut butter – super delicious. To take it one step further and turn it into more of a dessert, just top with some melted chocolate.

Here’s the recipe for my yummy oat and nut bars – which are super easy to make too!

Snack option – Alpro vegan coconut yogurt, organic fruit puree, chia seeds and some nuts on top – simple quick, nutritious and delicious

Finally, I’m going to leave you with a super simple delicious energy ball recipe. I know I say this about A LOT of food, but this really is a fave – so yum! Here’s the link to the recipe:

That’s it from me for today. I hope you try out some of these vegan recipes or experiment and make your own. Swapping out some of your traditional recipes for a vegan option can truly benefit your health.

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Thank you for taking the time to be here and read this ❤

Until my next post, be well xXx

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