Veganaversary Solstice Prep!

Hi there! Still playing catch up with some holiday posts. My 18-year veganaversary was Black Friday (and that would also be my 28-year vegetarian anniversary!). I always celebrate on Black Friday even though the date changes because it's easier to remember that way. But I gave up meat on Black Friday in 1994 and dairy/eggs/by-products on Black Friday in 2004. I used to celebrate by going to brunch and then holiday shopping with my mom, but we stopped that tradition in 2020 during the pandemic. And now she lives further away, so it was time for a new tradition.

So I stole one! Since 2020, I've been celebrating my veganaversary with a fancy snack plate while decorating for the Winter Solstice holidays. My friends Sheridan and Drew started this tradition of snack plates, fancy drinks, and decorating, and I liked it. So I now I do that too. So on Black Friday, we dragged the holiday tree down from the attic, and I made this fancy plate.

It has Miyoko's Garlic-Herb cashew cheese with crackers, vegan Babybel cheese, Viana vegan sausage, veggies and jalapeno hummus, assorted olives, and grapes. 

To drink, I made Spiked Vegan Holiday Nog with spiced rum. Yum!

And then we decked the halls! We decorated our tree and the inside of our house, and Paul put up some of those moving holiday light displays outside because we're lazy for real holiday lights. Tis the season!

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