March Weekly Meal Plan #1

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This week was a whirlwind, as we returned from our trip and settled back into the swing of things, complete with doctor and orthodontist appointments that I sillily decided to schedule for the day after we got back in town. Whoops! It all worked out though, and it felt good to get back in the kitchen and make some meals.


Sunday was our last night in Jackson Hole. After getting off the slopes we wanted something quick and easy while we packed up all our things. We ordered rotini and meatballs from a nearby Italian place and ate it in the lobby, followed by the complimentary cheesecake.


Monday was a full day of travel. We arrived back in Charlotte around 6:30 PM and decided to get one of our favorites, Blu Star Grill, for dinner since I had nothing at home. I had the buffalo chicken wrap with roasted broccoli.


A grocery trip meant a full fridge once again. Mom came to bring Finley back home and I wanted something hearty for us all, so I made copycat Cava bowls. This bowl included a rice and lentil blend, cabbage, cucumber and tomato salad, cauliflower rice, chicken, baby spinach, feta, kalamata olives, harissa, tzatziki, and hummus. I set it up like a salad bar and everyone made their own.


Wednesday we were back in the flow of co-op and soccer practices, so I stuck with an easy family favorite, mom’s spaghetti and meat sauce. Topped with fresh herbs from my countertop gardens that took off while we were on vacation!


After soaking a pound of black beans overnight, I added the veggies and spice and let it cook all day for slow cooker black bean soup. I made simple cheese quesadillas to go with them.


For a cozy night at home I made the best dang steak (such an easy method for steak cooked inside), smashed potatoes, roasted broccoli and cabbage, and kale Caesar salad.


Saturday we went hiking in the mountains and stopped at one of David’s favorite BBQ spots in the state, JD’s Smokehouse. Maybe we were all super hungry, but it was absolutely delicious. I had the pork and chicken combo with slaw and Brunswick stew.

Breakfasts & Lunches

I had Cafe Rio for the first time in the Salt Lake airport while traveling home – delicious! At home I reactivated my starter and baked a couple loaves of sourdough which worked so well for avocado toast breakfasts and cheese toast lunches.


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