Mighty Yum’s Vegan Lunch Kits!!!!

I've been vegan for 18 years now, and over that time, plenty of new products have come out to fill just about every need I have: vegan sour cream and onion chips, vegan nacho corn chips, vegan hard-boiled eggs, vegan scrambled eggs, vegan gouda, vegan steak tips, you name it. But the one thing that's been missing: vegan Lunchables. That is, until now.

Mighty Yum contacted me recently about sampling their new vegan lunch kits. Now, they're not called Lunchables; that's trademarked. But these vegan lunch kits are certainly Lunchable-inspired. I lived off Lunchables as a kid, and now, I can do that as an adult. They sent the plant-based Ham & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese, and Pepperoni Pizza Kits.

Since lunch kits are best enjoyed on the go, I brought the Ham & Cheese with me on a trail run. I stashed one in a cooler bag (with an ice pack) in my car while I ran 20 miles in the woods. Afterward, I hydrated with some electrolytes and then enjoyed some little cracker sandwiches on the drive home. These took me right back to childhood. The meat was seitan-based, and the cheese tastes a lot like Chao or Follow Your Heart slices. The kits have plenty of protein too, so this was perfect for post-run.

I took the Pepperoni Pizza to the office with me one day. I needed a quick lunch, so I packed this and a container of hummus and veggies. 

I had a good time making the two mini pizzas in the office breakroom. I purposefully didn't melt the cheese in the microwave because, when I was kid, I never had a way to do that in the school lunch room. The unmelted cheese was nostalgic.

And finally, I had the Turkey & Cheese one day at home as a snack. This one was very similar to the Ham & Cheese, but the flavors were slightly different. I loved the white cheese slices!

Mighty Yum also sent me some of their Plant-Based Protein Bars.

These are actually rice krispy-style treats with only about four grams of protein. But I think they're really designed as a snacks for kids' lunches. And four grams might be good for a kid dessert. I've been treating these more as dessert snacks than protein bars. And they're tasty! Who doesn't love a good krispy treat? The blueberry, which has little dried berry chunks, is my fave.

We're going camping tomorrow through the weekend, and I'll definitely be packing plenty of these bars for the trip. On that note, I'll check in with y'all next week! This is probably my only post for the week. See ya then!

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