Naan in my belly

I’ve been craving pita bread lately. I had Brassica (people in Columbus, OH know this gem), but basically I’ve just wanted to dip some delicious carbs, any carbs into some hummus. So… I researched and experimented and figured out how to bring my cravings to light. Basically, it came down to two easy ingredients: yogurt and self rising flour. But, I wanted to mix it up and secretly only had certain ingredients.

What I did:

2 cups self rising flour- any will work

1 cup yogurt- all I had was silk brand vanilla flavored.

1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

I was nervous about the vanilla yogurt, thinking it would add a strange flavor, but it was such a great addition. It made it sweet and fluffy.

I was also nervous about experimenting with food. I typically follow some key recipes with a twist, but I’m slowly gaining confidence in the kitchen. I’m so happy I’ve been trying new things and branching out, with cooking and baking. It’s been such an outlet for my anxiety and boredom during this quarantine and I’ve found ways to express some creativity.

I walked away with some incredible Naan bread and a small burn on my forearm from the oil. Overall, a win.

What to do:

Combine self-rising flour, baking powder & yogurt in a bowl and mix until well combined. I had to use my hands to knead it a bit.

Separate into 6-8 pieces and roll into balls.

Sprinkle some flour on the counter, cutting board, whatever you use and roll out with rolling pin. I preferred thinner pieces.

Heat oil on a skillet, about a teaspoon per piece of naan. I used olive oil for the flavor and it’s what I had on hand.

Cook on medium heat until golden brown rings, flipping for each side. Usually about 2 minutes, a minute per side.

The best part- you can eat them as you cook. Serve immediately or save for later and enjoy with some hummus. I had some as I finished cooking with the classic Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.

P.s. still working on those photography skills

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