New Year New Me! Kitchen essentials to keep up your New Year resolutions!

The holiday season is BUSY. You’re going everywhere, and doing everything, and sometimes, that means you don’t get to finish your gift shopping. I get it! I’m the same way! And I know, I know. It gets STRESSFUL. So, to ease your worry a little bit, and to help you with your lists, I’ve put together a little gift guide of some of my favorite kitchen things.

FFF Kitchen Essentials

I’ve added variety here, too. So you’ll find something for the home chef, the casual cook, the avid foodie…or even for yourself. *wink wink* Hey, you deserve nice things, too!


If you love coffee, you’ll definitely love this authentic Italian coffee maker. It’s easy to use, and very durable. It makes incredible coffee, and it’s pretty enough to display on your counter. My favorite way to use this is making coffee for coffee overnight oats with Greek yogurt. It’s your whole morning meal in a cup! (bonus point: your wallet will thank you!)


I will admit—I drink A LOT of coffee. So I have quite a few coffee makers. This French press is one of my absolute favorites. It’s so durable and easy to clean! It’s also double insulated, and keeps my coffee hot for a whole four hours. Amazing. I’ve used it to make tons of fun drinks, like my homemade caramel vanilla iced coffee! My go-to recipe for summer days!


I know what you’re thinking. Do I really need a pizza stone? But let me be the first to tell you that it is a GAME. CHANGER. We got one for fun because we wanted to make pizzas with sweet potato crusts, and we didn’t think a regular baking tray would do. And we have not looked back since. This one is durable and makes the perfect crispy crust!


One of my absolute kitchen must-haves is a cast-iron pot. It’s perfect for so many dishes, and you can use it in the oven or on the stovetop. It’s great for braising, roasting, and making stews. And guess what? You can make desserts with it, too! Like my healthy paleo peach cobbler with coconut flour—a delicious summer treat, especially with a scoop of ice cream!


Have you ever wanted to grow your own vegetables but have no space for it? Well, don’t worry. I got you! This indoor herb garden kit will fit on your windowsill or your counter without taking up too much space. It uses a hydroponic system, so you don’t even need to do much with it! I love to use my homegrown herbs to make hummus for my grilled chicken kebabs.


Making our own sushi is one of my family’s favorite things to do. Every so often, we’ll have a hankering for sushi, so I break out this sushi maker. You don’t even need to be an expert; it’s so beginner friendly and easy to use. And on lazy days when you’re craving sushi but don’t want to go out, you can use it to make sushi burritos!


For those who loooove hosting get-togethers, this charcuterie board is the ideal gift. It’s a complete set—with knives, labels, and even a wine opener! I have never loved a piece of wood more, if we’re being honest! And you don’t need to use it for just cheese and meats, either. Butter boards are a thing now! Or make a breakfast peanut butter board. Because why not?


Honestly, a slow cooker is something everyone should have. It’s great when you don’t have the time to stand over your stove and supervise your cooking. This one is easy to use, and you can just leave it because it automatically switches to warming mode when done. No burning food here! I use it to make my paleo Korean beef stew, and it makes the meat so tender!


A good blender is a godsend, and I love this one. It crushes ice quickly, and you get a smooth drink instantly! It’s also designed so that it pulls the mixture toward the blades, so you don’t have to keep pausing and stirring every time. I love making my smoothies with it. One of my best recipes is my high-protein banana vanilla orange smoothie, which I have after a workout.


Let me tell you something: Once I learned how to make my own pasta, it was over. I never wanted to touch store-bought ever again. That’s maybe an exaggeration, but honestly? Homemade pasta changed my life. I use this pasta machine, which rolls the dough evenly, and cuts it so well. Toss your homemade noodles in a creamy pumpkin pasta sauce, and you have a healthy, delicious meal.


I know, I know… everybody and their grandma has an air fryer. I was also one of the skeptics, but I have been converted. I don’t know a life before my air fryer! I can even broil, roast, and bake with it! Everything comes out crispy and tender, and this one is actually really easy to use. Try my recipe for air-fryer salmon cakes, and you will be convinced, too.


I honestly love to steam food. Not only is it healthy, but it’s also easy. I got this one for Christmas, and it has made making side dishes so much easier! It can handle big servings, so while I’m busy with the main courses, it cooks up my side dish. You can use it to make mashed cauliflower, or just some steamed broccoli with garlic and salt. Delish!


If you don’t have the counter space for a big blender, this hand blender is a great alternative. It has all sorts of great attachments so you can make soup, hummus, ice cream, pancakes, and more. I use it to make my blueberry spinach smoothie in the morning, and it’s quiet enough that it won’t wake up your husband / boyfriend / kids. It’s really strong and sturdy, and very easy to use!


This pancake batter dispenser is one of those tools you don’t think you need, but end up using all. the. time. I’m not kidding! You just fill it up with batter, and squeeze to dispense. You have complete control over how much batter you pour, and it greatly reduces the mess that usually comes with batter. I use it when I make muffins, brownies, and my favorite: fluffy blueberry kefir pancakes.


Do you really need a casserole? I would like to answer yes. A good stoneware casserole will help you cook perfect dishes, and it’s safe to put in the oven, the freezer, and the microwave. It also doubles as a serving dish, and looks so pretty displayed on your table! My daughter had a sleepover recently, and I used this to serve them up a low-carb keto breakfast casserole with sausage.


This classic kitchen tool is something I grew up with. My mom loved making us waffles in her waffle maker, so it’s one of the first things I make sure I own. This one rotates, making sure each side is cooked evenly. It’s also non-stick, so you don’t have to keep picking at the grooves to get your waffles out. I use it to make blueberry cheesecake-stuffed protein waffles !

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