St. Louis Camping Trip, Days 3-4

I'm back with another recap from our St. Louis camping trip. I recapped Tuesday and Wednesday here, and now I've got a rundown of Thursday and Friday. 

On Thursday morning, I woke up and headed out for a five mile run around our KOA campsite in Eureka, Missouri. Afterward, I made this Breakfast Sandwich with Just Egg, Morningstar maple sausage, and Tofutti cheese. This became my go-to breakfast most mornings! Just Egg is great for camping trips.

We hung around the campsite for awhile on Thursday before heading into St. Louis and a Cardinals/Pirates game. I'm not a baseball fan (basketball is my thing), but Paul loves the Cardinals, and this was his birthday trip. 

Once we got to Busch Stadium, we headed to a restaurant called Cardinals Nation that overlooked the ballpark. They only had one vegan menu item, a Mediterranean Bowl, but it was really good! It was nice to eat greens! This had quinoa, mixed greens, olives, red onions, tomatoes, cucumber, hummus, tortilla chips, and a balsamic vinaigrette. The lighting in the restaurant was crazy Cardinals red, so this food pic is meh.

Then it was game time! We drank beer and snacked on roasted peanuts during the game. The Cardinals lost, but we still had a great time.

On Friday, I got to sleep in! Since I'm training for a 50-mile race, I tried to stick to my training schedule as best I could. But Friday is a rest day. I had another breakfast sandwich at the campsite, and then we headed into St. Louis again to tour the Budweiser brewery. I'm more of a craft beer girl, but I love beer, and I wanted to see how the big guys do it. We had so much fun on this tour, and we got to try Bud straight from the tanks. It was way tastier served fresh!

After the tour, we went to St. Louis' iconic Gateway Arch. 

We had 4:50 p.m. tickets to ride to the top and some time to kill, and I was hungry. So we checked out the Arch Cafe. They had a Veggie Burger, so I ordered that. It was just okay, but it was better than being hangry.

Then it was time to ride to the top! We got into a teensy elevator with one other random guy (hi, Max!) and made the rickety four-minute ride up. The tiny egg-shaped elevator made me feel very claustrophobic. But once we got up, the view was amazing!

Alright, I'll be back tomorrow with the last recap.

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